The Essentials of Blogging

Your blog is an integral part of your Small Business Website.  Every post creates a touch point for your customers and can drive traffic to your website and your store.

Blogging for your small business is all about educating your customers on the products and services you offer and is a great venue for you to share your vision for you business.

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Know Your Customer

Blogging starts with really knowing your customer and how you can help them solve a problem or address a need.  Download my “Know Your Customer Part 1 Workbook” and get started digging into the minds of your customers to bring them more targeted content and drive traffic to your website.

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Answer Questions and Address Concerns

Already finished with this workbook?  Try Part 2 of my “Know Your Customer” Series workbooks.  This workbook helps you brainstorm tons of topics for blogging as you dig into the questions and concerns that your customers discuss with you when you are beginning to work with them.

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Get Blogging

Ready to get started?  Download my get blogging workbook to help you write blog posts that solve problems, answer questions and address concerns for your customers.  The Know Your Customer Workbook Series helps you brainstorm post ideas, and this workbook will help you write posts for one of those ideas.  My workbook will make it easy to get your thoughts in writing.

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