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As a small business owner, trying to manage a blog can be daunting.  It could be tempting to outsource this task as the day-to-day operations of your business take up your time.  After all, content is what you need, right?  While “content is king” is often the message you hear, the message should say “Original Content is King.”

Original Content Cannot be Bought

I once opened a business in the vitamin industry.  I was at a conference and purchased a content plug-in for my website.  At the time, 2008, blogging was just getting going with only the pioneers (I wish was one of them) doing it.  This plug-in was really nice at face value.  It had all kinds of information related to health, vitamins and minerals, etc.  What wasn’t nice was that is wasn’t original.  Every company that bought this plug-in got the same content.  So how would Google know who should get the traffic?  It couldn’t, and this plug-in was not cheap, and did nothing to increase traffic to my website.

Original Content, Not Necessarily Unique Content

What does this mean?  We are talking about the world wide web, there probably isn’t any topic that hasn’t been covered.  However, that topic hasn’t yet been covered by you.  Don’t be afraid to talk about a concept that has been done.  Talk about it from your perspective with your business solution in mind and that makes your content original and speaks to your niche.

Original Content for Your Niche

We touched on this a little already but when you create content on a topic with your customer in mind, it speaks to them like no other blogger would. For example, consider my business.  My niche is to help small business owners with blogging to build their business.  Their business is their focus, not blogging, so I understand the challenges that face a small business owner when it comes to trying to blog too.

But let’s say you Google, “how to blog for my business.”  You might find all kinds of large marketing firms with canned messages, you might find bloggers who help other bloggers, and you might find my blog.  My blog is directed specifically for you, the small business owner. My posts will have more relevant information to a busy business owner than other sites.  Why?  Because I am bringing a more targeted message for my specific niche.  Now you as the business owner, don’t have to try to mold your blogging solution into a business model that isn’t you. Instead, my blog molds to you and shows you how to grow your small business using blogging as a marketing tool.

To conclude, content for your blog is king in the blogging world, but if it is not speaking directly to your customers, then it might not be worth it.  Writing original, customer focused content is the goal.  You would be better off to outsource all blogging tasks except for writing the content, so you can keep it completely focused on your customer in your niche.

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