How To Build a Website
Is your website inviting your customers to contact you?  Is it doing it respectfully and in a way that shows you are trustworthy?  If not, consider these four ways for your website visitors to control how they engage with you and your business all while building trust and a sense of belonging.

Contact Us Page

Engage your customers on every page with a link to your Contact Us Page.  Create a page with an easy-to-complete form that provides a means for them to explain why they are contacting you.  This is a great place to add a phone number, your business hours and a map to your store.  Showing a readiness to communicate is another great way of building trust.

Learn More

Create a Learn More page or link where readers can sign up to be contacted by you or your staff to learn more about your business.  In the same page, provide more information about your products and services and links to popular posts, the ones where you got the most engagement.

This provides options for your readers, so they can engage with you at whatever level they are ready for.  They may not be ready to contact you so keep educating them and keep showing them you can solve their problem.  I am not talking about a huge sales pitch, I am talking about quality content that builds trust with your readers and proves that you know your business and you understand, and can solve, their problem.

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Invite readers to subscribe to your mailing list.  Provide an incentive in exchange for that email address.  Perhaps a coupon or a free consultation, maybe a worksheet where they can see for themselves how your business can help them solve their problem.  In the long term, keep them engaged by creating subscriber specials where they can get a special price just for continuing to subscribe or they get exclusive content that gives them a sense of belonging and builds trust in you.

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Apply/Make Appointment

If you are providing a service or product that requires paperwork, help your readers act now by providing a download of some or all the paperwork required.  This empowers your customer to solve their own problem, even if you are not available.  Imagine waking up in the morning to find that several people have applied for your products and services while you were sleeping!

Allow them to make an appointment with you without calling you.  There are tools out there that allow your readers to make their own appointment in real time, right on your website.   No need to wait for you to respond.  That delay could cost you a customer.


Providing your website visitors multiple ways to engage with you gives them a sense of control as they can choose how, at what level and what medium of contact they want.  This shows your readers respect and helps you build a trusting relationship that will lead to long-term customers.  It will save you time and aggravation because you are only talking to people who are truly interested in your products and services, allowing time for those who are not ready to keep learning about you.

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