Have you ever gone to a website for a business that doesn’t provide information about what the business does?  Or gave your phone number only to have a salesperson calling before you even hit submit?  The strategy being that if a salesperson can talk to you, they can close the deal.  But really, how many of those businesses did you actually do business with?

I offer an alternative strategy.  One that helps you build a relationship with your readers and gains their trust before you ever talk to them. Your website and blog are your way to educate your customers about the products and services you provide and how you can help them solve their problem with your products and services.


The Foundation: Who You Are and What You Do

The foundational elements of your website are just as important as your blog.  You want to have the following

A Great Home Page

Your home page is the most visited page on your website and just like your front door, should be inviting and set the stage for a great experience.  Tell your readers about your business with images and easy to consume information that invites them in to learn more.  Provide links to more information, to a recent blog post and to contact you.  Read more about how to provide multiple ways for readers to contact you in this post, Invite Your Customers to Act

About Page

Tell your readers about yourself, what makes you tick and why you started your business.  Tell them about what you do and why you do it and what you can do for them.  Be sure to add ways for them to learn more, contact you or follow you on social media.



Your Blog: A Problem Solving Machine

You blog is a not just a place for “fresh” content.  Turn your blog into a problem-solving machine for your readers by focusing on one problem at a time.  This allows you to focus on one element of your products and services and show your readers you know what you are doing, you know what you are talking about and that you want to help them.  Your blog is where you offer a solution to a specific problem your customer is facing.

You might be thinking, “I’m a caterer, my customers don’t have a problem, they are planning a party.”  But I am here to tell you they do have a problem.  What is their problem?  They need a caterer.  But more specifically, their problem might be the following

  • How can I serve a party for people with a variety of diets and food allergies?

For example, let’s say you have a catering business.  You might write a post today that solves the problem, “what to serve at a wedding to accommodate a variety of diets.”  In this post you will talk about food allergies and the paleo diet, vegetarian and vegans and provide a strategy to make every guest happy.  Then you write about how your catering business can help them implement this strategy.  You have just solved the reader’s problem and provided a solution.  Don’t forget to add a way for them to contact you.  After all, you have just inspired the reader, don’t lose them because they can’t figure out how to reach you.

  • Caterers near me who serve humanely raised chicken

Your next post might solve a different problem like “catering businesses that serve humanely raised chicken.”  In this post you will write all about your sources for chicken and other products and how you buy locally and only from those who raise their chickens humanely.  You can highlight some of your most popular chicken dishes and show the reader all the products and services you provide that will make their event special and humane.  Again, you have solved a problem for your reader, now engage them with ways to contact you and links to more posts that might interest them.

Further reading:  Learn Why Original Content on Your Blog is a Must

With a great website and blog, you can educate your readers about you, what your business does and how you, with your products and services, can help them solve a specific problem turning them into customers: not a customer that you bamboozled into doing business with you through a high-pressure sales tactic, but by showing that you understand your customer and want to help them solve their problem and most of all, showing them how you will solve their problem.


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