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Communicating with Your Email Subscribers

If you are lucky enough to have subscribers to your email list, you know the importance of communicating with them consistently.  Even if they don’t open all of your emails, the continuous presence of your emails in their inbox keeps your business in their thoughts.

Don’t Ignore Your Subscribers

It can be easy to neglect or ignore your subscribers, but if a person takes the time and effort to sign up then it would be almost rude to ignore them.  Show them you value them by sending them good stuff every week.

Email Your Subscribers Weekly?

Download my Awesome Weekly Email Workbook.  This workbook with help you create your weekly email using a strategy and format that is easy for readers to quickly get the information they need to do business with you.

What’s more, you can print a bunch of these workbooks and create a binder with monthly dividers.  Have the binder with you so you can write down your plans as you create your strategy of sales, special events and regularly scheduled events.  This workbook will make it easy for you to “assemble” your emails and will save you time because you are doing it while you create your overall strategy.

Download The Workbook Now

Create a Notebook for Your Email Plans

I recommend the Arc Notebook System.  I absolutely love mine.  You can print up my workbook and use the specialized hole punch to punch the edge so you can add it to your Arc Notebook.  They beauty of this customizable notebook system is that if you decide to move a campaign to a different week, you can easily move the pages without wrecking your pages.

Here is my little beauty.  I recommend the 8.5 X 11 size for your Weekly Email Workbook System.  I just love it!

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