Email Power: Grow Your Business by Building Your List

Email lists are a powerful way to communicate regularly with your customers.  Not only do you show them you are open and ready for their business you drive customers to your business that may have gone somewhere else.  That small regularly scheduled connection can make a difference as it provides repetition of your brand in their inbox, the key to marketing success.

Even existing customers can become stale after time.  Reignite their interest with an interesting email that you can send weekly to communicate about all the great things going on in your store.  Below is a list of communication points for emailing your customers.

Featured Items

Selling a product or service you don’t normally sell?  Let your customers know and make sure they know it will only be offered for a short time.  This is the perfect time to promote holiday specials.

Exciting Changes ComingEmail Power: Grow Your Business by Building Your List

Are you remodeling your store or adding more employees? Let your customers know that services may be disrupted or that services will be improving as you are adding staff.  You might just bring back a customer who had a bad experience and have a second chance to win their business.

On Sale Now

Feature some of your sale items here and refer them to your full ad.  Create a page on your website where customer can download the full ad.  Once the sale is over you can remove the ad from the page. Just be sure to add other interesting things on your website for your customers to read or engage in.

Upcoming Events

If you are holding a special event this is a great place to inform your customers and ask for engagement.  Add a link for your customers to click to sign up now. Providing a convenient way for them to sign up increases the chance of participation in your events.  If you are holding an event, be sure to feature a service or product as part of the event to create a selling point.

Community events are a great talking point as well, especially if your business is participating in the event.  Invite your customers to come to the event. Provide as incentive like a free sample of a product or service. ALWAYS invite them to come to your store.

Refer A Friend

At the end of each email ask your customers for a referral.  WordPress has plugins you can use that will help you create a referral link.  Be on the lookout for a future post on how to do this.

Work With Cheryl

Tips and Tricks

Email Marketing companies charge by the number of subscribers.  You should continually manage your subscribers ridding your list of subscribers that never engage.  I was on a blog list once and hadn’t read any of the emails he sent for several months. Then I received an email with a subject line that said,  “Let’s break up.” The body of the email explained that I hadn’t been opening his emails, so I should unsubscribe. It had a link to unsubscribe and one to stay subscribed.  Honestly, I didn’t like getting dumped so I asked to stay and then opened his emails more often.

Add your entire staff to the email list and insist they read the email each week.  Of course you will probably communicate your sales and specials to your staff, but if the read the email then they know exactly what was communicated to the customer.  I find it very frustrating when you get something in the mail or an email and when you talk to an employee, they know nothing about it. Make sure your staff is informed of all communication you have with your customers.

Email lists are a powerful marketing tool that can help you engage your customer base over and over to ensure they keep coming back.  Not only can it be used to communicate sales and events in your business, you can educate them and inspire them, giving them a positive association with your business.  Remember, the email is about your customer! Make it informative, educational and inspiring for them!

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