I have been blogging since 2012 and in that time I have tried three email marketingproviders. I started with MailChimp, then switched to ConvertKit because it seemed that all successful bloggers were using it. However, I finally settled on MailerLite and made the switch permanently. Here is why I switched to MailerLite for email Marketing.

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Why I Switched to MailerLite for My Email Marketing

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MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

MailerLite has Perfected Drag and Drop

MailerLite is continually improving their product and as a result there are multiple methods to choose from for creating an email.  You can use an HTML editor or a rich text editor similar to the WordPress post interface.  However, they have really nailed the block method, they call ‘drag and drop.’  If you are a WordPress user you may have seen they are moving to the Gutenberg Block editor.  Or if you are a user of Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme, they are using the block editor.  However, I have found these block editors to be very buggy and difficult to use.  MailerLite, on the other hand has nailed the block editor and I have never experienced a single bug.

MailerLite editor choices

MailerLite offers and HTML editor, a rich text editor and two drag and drop editors, making email creation a breeze.

MailerLite is Easy to Navigate

Navigation in MailerLite is really easy.  You can easily create capture forms, campaigns and automate workflows so your subscribers can move from one list to another.  For example, you could have an ongoing subscribers automated email campaign with five or six emails in it that all your subscribers go through at one point in order to showcase some of your best services, features or subscriber only specials.  However, their entry point could be for a freebie you offered.  You can create an automated campaign that provides them with the freebie and them moves them from that campaign to the ongoing subscribers automation so they don’t miss out on your other offerings.

Download Your Free Email Quick Starter and Promotion TrackerMailerLite Makes it Easy with Templates

If you are not very creative or don’t have the time to tap into your creativity when designing your email campaigns, MailerLite has got you covered.  They have many templates to choose from that guide you through creating a beautiful email for your subscribers.

Check out their Newsletter examples and their Landing Page examples.

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MailerLite is Easy to Learn

Because of it’s drag and drop, templates and easy navigation, MailerLite is incredibly easy to use.  In just one attempt you can create a beautiful email campaign and can easily track it’s open rate and click through rate making it easy to understand what is resonating with your subscribers and what is not.

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MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

MailerLite’s Price is Right

Especially for beginner’s!  MailerLite is free for your first 1,000 subscribers.  It’s true, Mailchimp is also free for your first thousand subscribers, however, while using MailChimp I came across a bug with their pop up email capture page.  Because MailChimp does not provide support for it’s non-paying customers, they provide no way to reach out to them, even to report a bug!  With MailerLite, I have never even encountered a bug!

MailerLite has a WordPress Plug-in

MialerLite has a plug-in that you can use to embed your email capture form in your posts or where ever you would like.  You can create a generic form right in WordPress or you can create an embedded form in MailerLite and call it from WordPress when you create your post.

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MailerLite has A/B Testing

If you aren’t sure about your campaigns you can create two campaigns and split them between your subscribers to see which performs better.  This is a great way to fine tune your email design skills to maximize engagement of your subscribers.

Why I Switched to MailerLite for My Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very time consuming prospect.  If you are not a blogger and spend your work day running your business, email marketing can become a real pain.  Don’t waste your precious time, use MailerLite for ease of use, beautiful templates, great reporting and a great price especially as a beginner with few subscribers.  MailerLite will get you up and running quickly with very little learning curve.  These are all reasons why I switched to MailerLite for my email marketing.

Use this link to get started in MailerLite!
MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business


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You are Awesome, Nice Post

Mariella Blago · November 26, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Oh that’s a great resource! We’ve used it before and it really makes the process easy. 😉

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