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What to Write About in Your Blog

If you are struggling with knowing what to blog about for your small business, download my workbook, Know Your Customer Part 2:  Addressing the Questions and Concerns About Your Products and Services in Your Blog.

Note:  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on one and purchase something I may receive a small commission.  Read more about this in my Full Disclosure Policy. Web HostingMy blogging brainstorming workbook will guide you through a brainstorming process to create a list of all the questions, concerns, hesitancy and objections your customers may have in doing business with you.  In this workbook you will learn how to write blog posts that set your customer’s minds at ease, build trust and show you know your stuff.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to download the Know Your Customer Part 1 Workbook that helps you target your marketing efforts to your typical customer so you can easily focus your content during the writing process.

Solve The Problem, Answer Questions, Address Concerns

Learn more about this concept in my blog post, The Do’s & Don’ts of Blogging For Your Small Business.  This post will help you frame out what you should be writing about and the workbook with help you brainstorm so you have months or even years worth of content to write about.

Get Blogging! The Blog Post Blueprint

Better than an FAQ Page

You can create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page which is great and can be very helpful to your customers.  But you can get more mileage out to the topic by writing a post about each question or concern, or a group of them.  Not only will you be able to go into more depth in a post, but you will be able to educate your customer and alleviate their concerns.  You can even link your FAQ to each post for further information, making your website more robust and complete for your customers.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

When they come into your store, they will be ready to buy because you have already done the work of solving their problem, answering their questions and addressing their Concerns. 

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