Are you looking for a planner for 2019 that will help you achieve your business and personal goals?

Planners are great!  They really can help us humans stay focused when the overwhelm of everyday responsibilities distracts us.  But take a step back before you created that To-Do list.  What are your goals?  A to-do list is not a comprehensive planner and having a calendar keep you focused on your goals, at least for me it doesn’t.  And if you are a business owner you probably know how the day-to-day operations of your business can make you lose sight of your ultimate goal.  Read on and learn about SMART Goals and how to create and achieve them with the help of the 90X Goal Planner from Alon David.

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The 90X Goal Planner

If you haven’t heard about the popular 90X Goal Planner, read on about how you can achieve all your business goals 90 days at a time, year after year, to reach your dream.  After all, you are an entrepreneur and you had a big dream once, right?  I am sure you did not dream of owning your own business just to have a job. You dreamed of owning your own business because you wanted to be your own boss, be in charge of your own destiny and have complete control over your income potential. 

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You might be thinking, “yeah, that’s right, I didn’t sign up to just have a job that doesn’t pay much and is more work than I can handle”.  You started your business with a dream.  The 90X Goal Planning system will help you systematically make your dream come true.  Here’s how.

It’s Made For Entrepreneurs

Founder and CEO of 90X Alon David started from humble beginnings and created a system that worked for him.  When he turned his first business into a 6-figure business using his planning system, he realized he really was onto something.  You can read the full story here.

The entire goal planning strategy he created was to build a successful business.  That is why the 90X is so great because it was created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs to help business owners focus and achieve goals consistently and rhythmically to build a successful business that they dream of.

OK, I’m Ready to Buy My 90X Goal Planner!

The 90X Planner Has a Built-In Instruction Manual 

90X doesn’t assume you know what to do.  Not only does it have comprehensive instructions and examples in the planner itself, but they have training videos so you can study and learn how to build the skills of the 7 step by step strategies for making your dreams come true, one goal at a time.

90X Goal Planner Comes with Instructions

You Learn How to Set SMART Goals

It’s easy to buy a planner and spend all your time focused on actions because after all isn’t a planner just a list of action items, a to do list?

With 90X, you learn how to dream big, then set focused measurable goals called SMART goals.  SMART goals are not just a random goal.  The acronym means the following

Let’s break that down.

Yes! I am Ready To Create My SMART Goals in My 90X Goal Planner

SMART Goals: Specific  

The goal must be specific.  You might think, sure I have a goal.  I want to grow my business year after year,  A smart goal is fine tuning that goal to be more specific. 

“I will increase sales revenue by 25% every year for the next five years.”

You can make it more specific like this:

“I will increase sales revenue on products X, Y, and Z by 25% by the end of this quarter.”

See the difference?  Now you have a specific, achievable goal.  This goal, in contrast with the original goal of “I want to grow my business year after year” puts the actual numbers in your goal, so you can get more specific in your actions to achieve this goal.  Plus, you now you can create a baseline (what your revenue is today) and a monthly milestone you want to reach (revenue baseline + 25% for your first quarter).  This goal is a first step toward the larger goal of increasing revenue across the board by helping you focus on specific products or services and a dollar amount to shoot for.SMART Goals

SMART Goals: Measurable

By being specific in the first part, you have created measurable goals that are tangible. Now you want to think about how you will measure your goal.  As I said above, your specific goal forces you to create a baseline (where you are now) and a goal (now + 25%) so you can focus every effort you make toward that goal.  But how will you do it?

SMART Goals: Achievable

Because you set a specific and measurable goal, you can now analyze the goal to determine if it is achievable.  If it isn’t achievable, you will feel like you are hustling a pipe dream instead of making your dream come true.  If your goal is not achievable, why isn’t it achievable?  Is it too big to get your arms around it?  If so, then break it down into achievable goals, smaller, something you can envision achieving in the time frame you desire.

SMART Goals: Relevant

This seems obvious but if you look your current To-Do list, jot down next to each item, which items are related to your goal.  Which ones could you postpone so you can focus on your current goal.  Can you outsource or delegate certain items, so you have time to put into your action plan for achieving this goal?

SMART Goals: Time Bound

 I have been leading up to this without saying it out loud but setting a time frame will help you break down your goals into achievable goals.  The 90X planner is all about small time frames.  That is why the complete planner is for 90 days only.  If your dream is to own a 6-figure business, that may not be achievable in 90 days, but what smaller goals can you set that ARE achievable in the next 90 days.

90X Sets SMART Goals

Other Companies and Methodologies that use SMART Goals


The 90X Goal Planner Teaches the Difference Between Goals and Actions

90X Action Plan

OK, now you have goals.  They are not actions.  90X has a separate page to create actionable items that help you achieve your goal.  Below is a diagram that shows how breaking down the dream into SMART goals and then further into actionable items you can do each day, will help you stay focused and specific.  It’s awesome!

Goal Hierarchy

The 90X Goal Planner Comes With a Support System

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Free Access to Online Training Videos

When you receive your 90X Goal planner, you will get access to the online community on the 90X website.  This website offers training videos to get you started.  Cool!  The videos explain how the planner works and guides you through the written instructions in the beginning of your 90X Goal Planner. 

Free Membership in a 90X Goal Planner Facebook Group

90X Goal Planner Facebook Group

When you purchase and receive your planner you will be invited to the 90X Facebook group.  There you can talk with other 90x-ers about the planner and anything else related to goal planning.  What’s great is the group is made up of entrepreneurs like you.  You can bounce ideas off each other, even ask questions.  There will always be someone in the group who is further along in the 90X Goal Planning System to share their experiences, lessons learned and ideas. 

The Facebook group helps me by keeping me aware of the 90X Goal Planning System by reminding me to open my 90X Goal Planner everyday and review my dreams, my goals and my action plan for the month, week, and day.

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The 90X Goal Planner is a 90 Day Goal Achieving System

Below is an example of a 90 day cycle.  When setting 90 day goals you must create a goal that is achievable in that time frame.  Have a larger goal?  Break it down into smaller goals that you can achieve one at a time, 90 days at a time, until you reach that larger goal.

If you don’t quite achieve the goal in 90 days, reflect on what you did achieve, reevaluate the goal you didn’t achieve and make sure it is SMART.  If you couldn’t achieve the goal in 90 days, why not?

Was it because the goal wasn’t SMART?  Was it because you didn’t do your action items?  Was it because it really wasn’t in line with your big dream (remember Relevant is the R in SMART?) Rewrite your goal.  Is it the same as it was before?  How is it different?  I love the idea of the cycle because it helps me to focus on the goals in this 90 day period without losing sight of the dream but I am not overwhelmed because I am breaking it down into SMART goals.  The next 90 day cycle will be new goals that are the next step toward achieving my dream!

90 Day Goal Cycle

The 90X Goal Planner Opens Up Access To More Training

90X Goal Planning Mastermind Group

If you still are having trouble achieving your goals or you just like having additional 

90X Goal Planner Mastermind Group

support, Alon has created a mastermind group you can participate in for a fee.  The mastermind group is new so if you purchase today as of this writing, you can join for almost half the original price. 

This mastermind group can be a real game changer for someone struggling to achieve goals or who does better having more resources at hand.


90X Goal Planning 12 Week Coaching Program

Alon is also offering one-on-one coaching for a monthly fee.  This is just one more thing he has done to make a 90X Goal Planning System not just a planner with a to do list.  Coaching programs have become very popular and can be very effective for entrepreneurs.  Why?  Because having a coach is like hiring yourself a boss.  You are  given assignments and held accountable.  Check out my 3 Month Coaching Program for getting your website, blog and social media presence jump started.

The 90X Goal Planner Teaches a New Skill Set

When you complete your first 90 days of the 90X Goal Planner, you will have learned a set of skills that you can apply to your whole life to make all your dreams come true (Okay, for me it took 2 cycles but I am in my 2nd planner now and am sticking with it and accomplishing the action items that are the ingredients for achieving my SMART goals for this 90 days!

90X Monthly Overview

Skills you learn

  • Creating SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound)
  • Breaking down goal into achievable actions
  • Estimating how long it will take to complete one action item
  • Planning ahead blocks of time to accomplish tasks

The 90X goal planning system teaches you a new skill set of dreaming big, breaking down your dream into goals, breaking those goals down to SMART goals that can be achieved in 90 day cycles for continuous improvement.  Furthermore, it then helps you create a monthly, weekly and daily action plan to keep you focused on achieving your goal with daily baby steps.  Stock up on your 90X Goal Planner for the next year!  Use my affiliate link to get yours today.


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